UBI in Government 2020

Focusing on Universal Basic Income in Government

We will work to ensure that Louisiana elects a U.S. Senator in November 2020 that reflects Humanity First values. The incumbent, Sen. Bill Cassidy, has not supported any recurring relief or benefits for Louisianians, leaving many to suffer especially those who are unemployed or facing evictions. to no fault of their own during this time of crisis. Currently, businesses are suffering and our food and service industry may never recover; the culture of New Orleans all of its music, food, and arts may never return to what is was before. A Universal Basic Income can be the start of not only revitalizing and restoring people's livelihoods, but also a catalyst for making Louisiana a cultural beacon.

In this U.S. Senate race, we follow in the footsteps of Humanity Forward's endorsement, and support Antoine Pierce, seeking the Democratic nomination in the Novemeber 3rd election. The recent No Dems Left Behind had showcased Democrats running in rural areas. Rob Anderson, running for the U.S. House of Representative La-03, is one of them. He proposes a vision for a prosperous America that aligns with Humanity First values.

The Mayors for a Guaranteed Income Initiative spearheaded by Mayor Tubbs in Stockton, California has helped propelled the idea of a Universal Basic Income. We as an organization will be focusing on getting other mayors in Louisiana on board, as well as working with other states to promote it nationwide. Mayor Adrian Perkins of Shreveport and Mayor Latoya Cantrell has signed onto the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income Initiative. The UBI pilot program will illustrate to Louisianians how it can change the lives of the community by giving them a basic income.

We are urging all Louisianians to support Antoine Pierce and Rob Anderson in the Congressional races. and also urge all Democratic candidates to support emergency direct payments and permanent Universal Basic Income.

The top candidate for the U.S. Senate for Louisiana:

The top candidate for the U.S. Representative for Louisiana is: