Our Campaigns

There are currently four thrusts to our effort, but as our group grows we intend to expand the scope and depth of our work. Get connected to our efforts and find out ways you can bring your issues and ides to the group.

Universal Basic Income

HFM Louisiana is already actively campaigning for a Universal Basic Income and have been putting congressional pressure on our representatives to pass #EmergencyUBI, recurring emergency relief payments to all Americans.

During the pandemic, the issue of UBI has become more relevant than ever with millions out of work through no fault of their own, and many being evicted from homes. Businesses and owners are struggling as well, and a basic income could be the defining policy that can save the people and the businesses.

Candidate Support

HFM Louisiana is already actively involved in the 2020 election. Politics in Louisiana and America are not going to change unless we change the kind of leaders we elect and unless we change the terms of the public debate.

Our Candidate Endorsement and Engagement working group aims to identify and build support for candidates running on our Humanity-first principles. Most recently, we are focused on bringing Universal Basic Income to the forefront of the U.S. Senate and House Race for Louisiana. Click here to find out more about our work.

Building a New Kind of Coalition

Our goal is to build on that momentum and create a new coalition of concerned citizens ready to take action. Not only do we intend to grow supporters of a Humanity First agenda, but we intend to train and mobilize future leaders and work with partner organizations.

  • Income Movement

  • Bailoutthepeople

  • Humanity Forward

Offering a New Vision of Politics in Louisiana and Beyond

American politics has fallen into a rut. Both parties have been talking past each other for decades. The rhetoric has stayed shockingly the same over the last few decades, even as the country has changed so much. One of our thrusts is to develop exciting new ways of talking about our problems and solutions. The way to bring America together is not to seek out a weak middle, but to offer a bold new plan that does not fit into either partisan box.